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I think I just need to start the first draft of Lights over again. This isn't like Descant, where I sped through the whole first draft in, like, less than a month and then let it sit for two years before I figured out how to fix it. I've been writing this draft of Lights for a YEAR and it keeps changing WHILE I'M WRITING IT and I still don't know if I'm EVER going to have a stable plot for it. And, also, I seriously need, like, a HOW TO WRITE MYSTERY NOVELS tutorial or something, because I'm eating it in that respect.

Buh. I'm frustrated. This would be a lot less annoying if I didn't keep ADDING ELEMENTS to it. Or, you know, if I had managed to just sit down and write the fucking thing in a month, so I could replot it from that and know what I hated and what needed to go. Right now, I'm missing a HUGE CHUNK of it that hasn't even been written and... Agh. Just.... Agh. >.<

This is frustrating.