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One of the characters in Eden (or whatever the hell it'll be called when I'm not in "name the verse after my current favorite song" mode)? Is a pathological liar. She lies even when she knows that Sam can tell when she's lying. She honestly can't help it.


....I do that plot a lot, I think. I have an irrational obsession with heroes getting pulled into conflicts that they don't want to be a part of, getting close to the people they're fighting with and starting to believe in the cause, and then finding out, "Oh yeah, by the way? YOU WERE ON THE WRONG SIDE ALL ALONG." I have an obsession with gray and gray morality and worlds where no one is good and the thing you're fighting might well be the lesser of two evils. I mean, the whole plot of Palaceverse is essentially a disgruntled teenage girl gets pulled into an agency that only exists to keep the government in control, disguised as a wholly dark, but seemingly righteous group, only to eventually find, just when she's starting to grow up and become a really big part of the whole thing, that the agency she's working for is what really needs to be kept in check.

And that's... Pretty much what Eden is. Except it's about a man who wants to just wants to walk the fuck away from a sordid past that he can't remember anyway, and just keeps getting pulled back into the world he's trying to leave, because he might have a key to taking down the Big Shady Organization. I'm sure there's more to the story there, but I need to figure it out. God, I suck at plot so much. I can nest in characters forever, but PLOT ELUDES ME.

Mrmph. I hate this. I have so many ideas, but almost no real motivation to write them or get the plot down. Bah. >.<
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I was looking for something in my GoogleDocs and found this. It's a bit of some freewriting I did, experimenting with just what came out and... I badly want to expand it into a verse. I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but I figured it belonged in here with the other original stuff, lest I lose it.

He ate my heart... )
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Fayette turned on her heels to compare Ashley's cool veneer to the one he just wore in Darius's chambers when he'd casually agreed with him to have her killed. They were one and the same, and something about it chilled her to the bone, but she merely chided herself for feeling that way. Ashley was one of the Agency's finest, for all that he was just some Noble they picked up and groomed to make a perfect spy. The combination of the casual apathy of a Noble with the merciless attitude of an Agent seemed like a horrible thing to fall in love with it, but that stupid, foolish, schoolgirl love she had for him was what led her to ask a stupid question.

"Would you have actually done it?"

Ashley bridged the gap between them, capturing her chin in his hand and forcing her to look up into his deep blue eyes. "I would have eviscerated you and draped your entrails around Darius's neck like a wreath, if  he asked me to. Don't take it personally, darling. We're very much not in this for love. We're in this for the job and the job is making sure Darius never suspects anything. If I'm to continue to be his friend and not arouse suspicion, then there is absolutely nothing I can't do if asked. I'm certain you understand that."

Surprisingly, she did.

And Ashley's one of the good guys.

...Yeah, I got nothing. This scene from the first A Palace Cracked book has been running through my head, and it reminds me of how much I LOVE fucked-up heroes. It also reminded me that there's pretty much NO ONE in that 'verse who isn't fucked-up in some way. .....I like horrible things.

....I was going to turn this into a huge meta about What the Hell Hero? moments and why I love them and why there need to be more of them, but... Then I didn't feel like it. One day, I will totally write... My version of meta. Maybe.

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Ages ago, I swore to God that after I'd went through hell with how the main villain of Lights kept changing every time I replotted the story, I would stick with the version I finally came up with.

I... Lied.

The thing is, I got stuck on a section of the story, so I started writing a huge part of the climax and as I was writing the big reveal of the main villain, I realized that it... Wasn't that good of a reveal. I mean, Dawson was always meant to be the villain, but she's SET UP as the villain from, like, the second chapter, and in the rewrite, I could fix it, make it more ambiguous, but that's not NEARLY as good as setting Dawson up to be the villain from the start, making the audience meeble over whether she is or not, and then have the villain be someone completely random.

So I went down a list of characters in this draft that could feasibly be Lilith (the true identity of the main villain) and came up with a character who would be PERFECT, because it would hurt more. Des never liked Dawson, so the emotional impact is kind of... Lacking. Granted, the emotional impact of the scene as it stands is playing out the same way it would have if Dawson were the villain, but that's because I'm writing it out of context and... I kind of wrote the new villain in right in the middle of writing it. The rewrite should be more of a gutpunch.

...I hope.

I really want to be done with this first draft. It sucks so much, but I'm sure once I figure out what I need to do to make the mystery an actual mystery with real suspects and some real stakes and shit, it will be... Better. God, I wish I didn't suck at this kind of thing. I need big, scary books.

And there's my babbling. I don't use this journal enough.

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Okay, so I've officially decided to take a page (or several) out of Aubrey ([personal profile] mortalcity )'s book and use this as my space for original writing... You know, when I actually remember what writing is. I've been on the unproductive IDEAS (but no drive to write) side of things for awhile. It sucks.

So yeah. My LJ will still be the place where I spend 98.8% of my time, because I'm not ready to abandon LJ. (ALL MY STUFF IS THERE, WAUGH.) But DW seems to be a better place for a "professional" creative blog, so... This is what this is.

And because I don't have a profile yet where I can put all this stuff. The stuff that you can expect to see here is mostly going to be related to Descantverse (you can see the- sadly incomplete- wiki for it here), which is a half urban/half contemporary fantasy (it depends on which trilogy you're reading). It's my magnum opus in a way- consisting of two different trilogies and a lot of little one-shot books set in the 'verse. Beyond that, I have a couple of random novels that I'd like to work on at some point when I'm not working on Descantverse books, such as Cleanse This Farce With Fire, a dystopian fantasy; a superhero-type story set in a weird dystopian world; a sci-fi sort of thing based on a retooling of an old 'verse from my younger days, and a new 'verse that I came up with last night that I have to do a flail dance about. (In another entry.)

Like I said, I am a wellspring of ideas, but I have almost no drive and motivation to actually get to the storytelling part, because I have a hard time figuring out plot and the like. Le sigh.
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This is an introductory post/placeholder. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ignore this post and go about your day. See? It's easy. Just... Ignore the post.

...And if you have no idea who I am and are wondering why the hell I just friended you... You are a silly person. Or you know too many people named Chris. Or something.

My username is obnoxiously long.


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