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Fayette turned on her heels to compare Ashley's cool veneer to the one he just wore in Darius's chambers when he'd casually agreed with him to have her killed. They were one and the same, and something about it chilled her to the bone, but she merely chided herself for feeling that way. Ashley was one of the Agency's finest, for all that he was just some Noble they picked up and groomed to make a perfect spy. The combination of the casual apathy of a Noble with the merciless attitude of an Agent seemed like a horrible thing to fall in love with it, but that stupid, foolish, schoolgirl love she had for him was what led her to ask a stupid question.

"Would you have actually done it?"

Ashley bridged the gap between them, capturing her chin in his hand and forcing her to look up into his deep blue eyes. "I would have eviscerated you and draped your entrails around Darius's neck like a wreath, if  he asked me to. Don't take it personally, darling. We're very much not in this for love. We're in this for the job and the job is making sure Darius never suspects anything. If I'm to continue to be his friend and not arouse suspicion, then there is absolutely nothing I can't do if asked. I'm certain you understand that."

Surprisingly, she did.

And Ashley's one of the good guys.

...Yeah, I got nothing. This scene from the first A Palace Cracked book has been running through my head, and it reminds me of how much I LOVE fucked-up heroes. It also reminded me that there's pretty much NO ONE in that 'verse who isn't fucked-up in some way. .....I like horrible things.

....I was going to turn this into a huge meta about What the Hell Hero? moments and why I love them and why there need to be more of them, but... Then I didn't feel like it. One day, I will totally write... My version of meta. Maybe.


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