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Yeah, yeah. I said I'd never use this thing and now two entries within minutes of each other. Go figure. This is for original writing flailing and I am flailing. Also, I'm kinda flaily and nesting in IDEAS makes me... Less so. ... For a little while anyway, until I get through all the worldbuilding and come up with the characters and all that and then realize that I have no idea where to go from there. Meh. I'm annoyed with the universe right now- I can stand to be a little more annoyed.

So anyway. Last night, I had bad insomnia, because my internet was dying repeatedly and I was pissed off at it, so I just went to bed before I was ready, which meant a lot of tossing and turning and I have a tendency to play out little scenes in my head to get to sleep, because... Head-movies are fun, honestly, even if they annoy me, because I get my best dialogue when I'm half-conscious and if I wrote down everything that was said, I'd never sleep. So... Yeah.

Anyway. I had a character around- a new guy whose name I didn't know- and he was pretty resistent to me trying to drag already-established characters to the front for my amusement, so I just went "to hell with it" and tried to figure out who he was, despite this not really doing much for my insomnia.

From that one character, I somehow managed to come up with some weird historical fantasy set in an alternate universe where magic has always been in the public eye and universally despised ever since the advent of Christianity and the constant rain of "MAGIC IS BAD" getting shoved in the general public's face. The actual bulk of the story takes place in the 1920's, which are my favorite decade in American history, hands down. I would actually enjoy the amount of research I'd have to do for this story just because I freakin' love the 20's so much. 

Anyway. The idea is that mages (or... I dunno, I may find a better name for the magic-users) post-WWI are starting to get a few more rights, but are still considered second-class citizens, but they have skills in dealing with things that other people don't, so the police forces in large cities have taken to hiring groups of mages to deal with threats posed by their own kind. Mages who sign up for this tend to wind up as social pariahs- they're unappreciated by the greater public for being mages and other mages hate them for hunting down and killing their own kind. 

As of right now, I have three characters. The kid who was lurking in my head last night who is the main character and first person narrator (I swear to God, everything I write these days is first person), the guy who runs whatever random magey police force they've got going on, and some chick. I imagine there will be more, since I always randomly wind up with a million and a half characters by the time I'm finished worldbuilding.

...And you know how ideas sound a lot less awesome or original when you put them down on paper/blog? ...Yeah. Rawr. I'm still poking at it, because I don't have brain for my tags or actual writing right now. I just want to nest in universes and escape reality for a little while.

Rrrrh. Maybe once I find a PB for the main character, I can make a journal and take out my interest in his universe on prompts or something.

...I need a song for this 'verse. Most 'verses come out of songs. It's so hard to find a song after the fact. Dammit.
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