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Okay, so I've officially decided to take a page (or several) out of Aubrey ([personal profile] mortalcity )'s book and use this as my space for original writing... You know, when I actually remember what writing is. I've been on the unproductive IDEAS (but no drive to write) side of things for awhile. It sucks.

So yeah. My LJ will still be the place where I spend 98.8% of my time, because I'm not ready to abandon LJ. (ALL MY STUFF IS THERE, WAUGH.) But DW seems to be a better place for a "professional" creative blog, so... This is what this is.

And because I don't have a profile yet where I can put all this stuff. The stuff that you can expect to see here is mostly going to be related to Descantverse (you can see the- sadly incomplete- wiki for it here), which is a half urban/half contemporary fantasy (it depends on which trilogy you're reading). It's my magnum opus in a way- consisting of two different trilogies and a lot of little one-shot books set in the 'verse. Beyond that, I have a couple of random novels that I'd like to work on at some point when I'm not working on Descantverse books, such as Cleanse This Farce With Fire, a dystopian fantasy; a superhero-type story set in a weird dystopian world; a sci-fi sort of thing based on a retooling of an old 'verse from my younger days, and a new 'verse that I came up with last night that I have to do a flail dance about. (In another entry.)

Like I said, I am a wellspring of ideas, but I have almost no drive and motivation to actually get to the storytelling part, because I have a hard time figuring out plot and the like. Le sigh.